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"I have tried many hitting devices to maximize my 9 year old sons hitting power and to reinforce proper hitting mechanics. I have found The Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer to be a very effective tool to learn such behavior. This simple and easy to use hitting device has taught my son to keep his hands in the proper hitting position, hands back and ready to unload on the ball like a cannon.


The Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer has given my son muscle memory, slightly quicker hands and additional power in his swing. When he takes off the device, his hands go automatically in the proper power hitting position 100% of the time. I highly recommend this product as an effective device to all and will bring out the best in any player. Remember, there is no replacement for power. I love this product and so will you".......Greg P.....Old Westbury, NY.


I wanted to to email you back and tell that your product is excellent!  My son, who is 12, has good fundamentals and has been working with a hitting coach for the last two years.  He is a small kid but always made good contact but never seemed to really hit the ball hard where HE wanted to hit it.  This product did exactly what it claims to do.  It promotes lines drives up the middle and the occasional hard ground ball.  We both learned more from the video than any instruction.  My son now understands the dynamics of his swing and knows exactly what he did wrong and can correct immediately.  The biggest improvement is his confidence.  As with any hitting philosophy or training product, you have to buy into it, be patient and work hard and it will pay off.  My son has been invited to play on a 13U travel team headed to FLA to play over Christmas break and I feel its due largely to his improved hitting ability and ability to get on base.

I'm thrilled that our hitting sessions are much more relaxed and end with smiles!
Dave N.
Levi Sanders, High School Baseball Player, says,

"Just wanted to say thanks for the Pitchers Nightmare it has made a huge difference in my baseball future. 

Last year I struggled to get playing time because of poor hitting habits. I was continuously going around the baseball and hitting ground balls to the shortstop. I started using the Pitchers Nightmare after the second game of my high school season this year and I saw results right away. I started hitting the ball hard to all fields. I was able to stay inside the baseball and people began to comment on how quick my swing looked. 

I used the nightmare in the on deck circle to give me a little extra pop prior to stepping to the plate. I made the nightmare part of my every day hitting routine. I take the first round of tee work, soft toss, and batting practice with the nightmare on then simply undo two straps and I finish my workout. The nightmare gives me instant feedback about my hand separation, my follow thru as well as the added benefit of keeping my hands inside the ball. 

The proof is in the results. My final stats for this year .424 batting avg, 2 HR,1 triple, and 6 doubles 23 Rbi, .474 OBP and a .621 slg percentage in 24 games. To top it all off I won the hitting award for my high school team and was named first team all region.

I do have one problem with the nightmare though, I always have to hunt it down because my teammates love it also."

When Chance first told me that he had created the Pitchers Nightmare I was like many coaches would be, skeptical that a hitting aid could make that big of a difference.  Last season was the first time that we used the Pitchers Nightmare into our practices on a regular basis.  In almost every practice session that we held this season, we had a hitting station and sometimes multiple stations that incorporated the Nightmare.  I feel it was instrumental in helping our hitters learn how to stay through the baseball at contact and also how to keep their hands in the correct slot during the load.  

After using the Nightmare in our practices throughout the fall and into the spring we began to tell a big difference in the way that baseballs were coming off of the bat.  Seven of the nine starters from 2009 returned to the line up in 2010 and we saw dramatic improvements across the board. Not only did our batting average as a team improve, but our power production did as well.


As a coach, I have seen a big difference! Our girls didn't just hit the ball this year, they drove through the ball! My daughter, Lexi, (you can see her in the video) improved in all categories

Batting Average: Last Year .338, This Year .414, On Base % Last Year .354, This Year .462, Slugging % Last Year .545, This Year .757!!!

"I now own 6 Pitcher's Nightmares and I use them in practice with my high school and travel ball team. It's been a great tool for my hitters and they really enjoy using it!"
- Head Fast Pitch Coach Lee Taylor
Orange Park High School, Orange Park, FL


"We were good before; we are better now with the Pitchers Nightmare. Our entire team uses the Nightmare every day. The Nightmare is a must, a no-brainer."

- Roger Frash, Head Assistant Baseball Coach, Oxnard College,


Greg Williams, Head Baseball Coach, Lamar County High School, Barnesville Georgia, says,

"I am a true believer in the PNST! I want you to know that my player's love your product. We have finally found a product that teaches our players the importance and understanding of how to keep our hands loaded in a launch position, once we get in a toe down position. What is so great about the PNST is that the tension on the forearm strap reinforces our hand positioning. My team can feel their hands loading. As a head baseball coach, not only can I see the difference in my team's bat speed and approach, but I have the numbers to back it up. Last year, our team batting average was a mere .285 and our slugging percentage was a disappointing .359 with no home runs. We still have a full week left in our season but, we are already hitting .337 as a team and slugging .491 with 10 home runs!! We started using the Pitcher's Nightmare in January and have been using it since. I am totally sold on your product and convinced that my players TRULY understand the concept of how to create backspin and how to keep their hands inside the baseball. We have watched the DVD three times already just this season. Any coach, player, or team who are serious about hitting should try the PNST. I guarantee if you use it every day in practice and in the on deck circle during a game you'll see the difference too."


"The PNST is the best tool I have ever seen in teaching a proper swing. Within minutes my hitters could understand and identify any problem, and fix it immediately.

Ultimately, the PNST not only made by hitters better, but it made me a better coach."

Ben Wolfe

Brentwood Academy

Fast Pitch Softball Head Coach


You and I shared several emails regarding the product before I bought it about 2 months ago. And I writing to tell you the results are just short of becoming the 8th wonder of the world. My son, who is 13 and will turn 14 in December, struggled at the plate last year during travel ball. We had tryouts yesterday for next year's travel team and this was the first time he has been on the field with a bat since June. WOW! is all I and the other coaches could say. Nearly every ball was hit with authority. The bat speed was unreal. The form was near perfect. It couldn't be the same kid that finished up near the bottom of the line up last season, but it is. He was the best of the 11 kids on the field at the plate and we have a great team.

We included in our workout two other drills, a one hand, one eye covered drill and one core building exercise. However, I am confident the majority of the improvement came from your product.

My son thanks you, the team thanks you, I thank you, however, the opposing teams we will play will not."

Darrell Ake


"Nick has always been a decent contact hitter. Although rarely striking out, he didn’t hit the ball with authority. However, since using the Pitchers Nightmare, both Nick’s strength and bat speed has dramatically increased. The Pitchers Nightmare also reinforces proper swing fundamentals. Nick is becoming a much more successful, powerful hitter and I attribute much of this improvement to hard work and the Pitchers Nightmare."

Rick Saunders

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